Stake Your Claim in Regency Furniture Stadium
Around the ballpark, Blue Crabs fans will visit many locations. They’ll be able to spend time watching the game as a group while eating in the picnic area, watch their kids enjoy our phenomenal play area, collect prizes at the fan service center or visit any of our specialty food stands to grab a bite to eat. These areas around the ballpark are unique ways to build your brand recognition in front of thousands of fans every game.

Print Ads in the Blue Crabs Playbill Our an swer to the game-day program provides maximum value to your company. Everybody who passes through the turnstiles at Regency Furniture Stadium gets a FREE playbill for that game. "Today's Catch" is updated frequently, giving you a medium that’s always fresh and current.

Put Your Company's Message in the Hands of Blue Crabs Fans
Get an early jump by putting your advertisement on our pocket schedules that will be given out to more than 300,000 people in Southern Maryland. Create an inaugural season call to action by providing a discounted offer on the back of the tickets or will-call envelopes.



Video Board
It’s the most prominent advertising area inside Regency Furniture Stadium, providing the ultimate exposure for your message. A true Major League-style board, it’s located above the right center field wall. Fans will see replays, crowd shots, special presentations, player statistics and live action. You can be part of the spectacle by showing a 30-second commercial on the video board. It’s like running a spot on the largest TV in town! Or, if you prefer, your company’s logo and special message can be a part of a fan-interaction segment.

Outfield Fence Signs
They’ve been part of baseball ever since Abner Doubleday had his original bright idea. Outfield fence signs are one of the most popular and effective ways to reach Blue Crabs fans. They form a unique, All-American backdrop for outstanding minor league action. So, not only do you get high visibility, but also a major role in establishing the look and feel of Regency Furniture Stadium.

Blue Crabs fans will be taken back in time with our old-fashioned, manual scoreboard built directly into the 17' high left field wall. Several different signage opportunities will be available alongside the manual scoreboard.

Mezzanine Signs
Just like the Major Leagues—these highly visible signs display your company’s name and logo next to the line score, pitch count or the speed of pitch.

Concourse Signs
Located in all of Regency Furniture Stadium high-traffic areas, these backlit signs give your message outstanding visibility to fans going to their seats and all of our stadium destinations–including concession stands, the team store and our kids’ play area.

Other Stadium Signage and Naming Rights Opportunities
  • Kids’ Play Area
  • Picnic Area
  • Dugout Tops
  • Ticket Office
  • Starting Line-up and League Standings Board
As you can see, there are lots of ways to display your logo or message with the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs. To learn more details about advertising, contact the Blue Crabs today!


Promotional Nights and Giveaways
Blue Crabs fans will enjoy coming to Regency Furniture Stadium and receiving a promotional gift presented by your company. These fun collectibles will be worn, used and seen inside and outside the ballpark for years.

Blue Crabs Field of Dreams
Prior to each Blue Crabs home game, Little League teams or other youth groups will take the field and stand alongside their favorite player. They will remain on the field during the National Anthem, before exiting to the roar of the home crowd.

On-Field Contests
Between-inning contests add to the fun, family-oriented atmosphere at Blue Crabs games. When you sponsor one of these contests, you help to energize the crowd while your company’s name and logo become part of the show for thousands of fans.

Additional Sponsorship Opportunities
All of the following activities and special features can provide a unique way of putting your company’s name in front of the baseball-loving public.
  • Backfin Buddies Kids' Club
  • Mascot Appearances
  • Reading Program
  • Honorary Team Captain
  • Guess The Attendance and Trivia Contests
  • Fun Patrol
  • Web Page Sponsorships