COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

During this time of uncertainty, your Southern Maryland Blue Crabs have compiled a list of their frequently asked questions regarding the 2020 season. We hope that these questions and answers will be able to provide you and your family some answers.

*Last updated June 30th

Q: How can I support the Blue Crabs community?

A: The best way to support the Blue Crabs community is to continue to eat out and support local restaurants. The list of our partners restaurants that are open can be found here.

Q: What is the best source for the latest Blue Crabs information?

A: We will be constantly updating our website, as well as this page. You can also stay up to date by subscribing to our email by clicking here. Also, make sure you are following us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

Q: When will the season begin?

A: The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs have aggressively pursued every viable option to play a 2020 baseball season, but out of an abundance of care regarding the health and safety of our fans, players and staff, the Blue Crabs will not be able to take the field during the 2020 season.

Q: Can I still order merchandise online?

A: Of course you can! We will be releasing some brand new merchandise very soon, so be sure to order that here.

Q: Is Regency Furniture Stadium open?

A: Regency Furniture Stadium is open for some events, and the Ticket Office is open for walkups by appointment only. Call 301-638-9788 to make an appointment.

Q: What about the All Star Game?

A: The All-Star Game that was set to take place on Wednesday July 15th, 2020 at Regency Furniture Stadium will now take place on Wednesday July 14, 2021 in Southern Maryland. Fans with tickets to the 2020 event will be able to exchange their tickets for the 2021 Atlantic League All-Star Game.

Individual tickets:

Q: What happens to tickets I had for games that may be postponed?

A: Fans holding single game tickets for the 2020 season shoudl reference the single game Blue Crabs ticket policy, which can be found HERE.

Season Tickets:

Q: What will happen to my season tickets?

A: The Blue Crabs will be reaching out to those holding season tickets, mini plans, suite leases, group tickets and sponsorship packages in the coming weeks regarding 2020 accounts.

Group tickets:

Q: What if my group outing is postponed?

A: The Blue Crabs will be working with each group leader individually to make sure that your group outing will be rescheduled due to the current situation. Please contact your representative for further questions.

General Questions:

Q: Will promotions and giveaways be re-scheduled?

A: Our marketing team is working tirelessly to get all promotions, giveaways and other exciting promotions re-sheduled for the 2021 season. 

Q: What if my question wasn’t answered?

A: All of our staff members are now back working at Regency Furniture Stadium. You can find a list of our staff members and their emails and phone numbers here, or you can call our front office at 301-638-9788.

Phone: 301-638-9788 | 11765 St.

Linus Drive Waldorf, MD 20602