Frequently Asked Questions


All The Knowledge You Need To Be A Blue Crabs Fan!

What are the Hours of Operations? 

OFF SEASON/NON GAME DAYS: Monday through Friday from 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


IN-SEASON/GAME DAYS: Monday through Friday from 10:00 am through the end of the game / Saturdays - 1:00 pm through the end of the game / Sundays - Noon through the end of the game

The Front Office is closed on most Mondays during the season. Please call ahead before you come to the ballpark to 301-638-9788.


How can I purchase tickets to a game?

Simply log onto and select the ticket tab to purchase your tickets! No need to print, we can scan your mobile phone right at the gate. 

To purchase tickets in person, visit the box office during business hours 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. The box office is open on Game Days until the 6th inning.

Single game tickets are NOT sold over the phone and we do not hold seats. 


Does my Child need a ticket?

Toddlers and Infants that can sit in a parent's lap do not need a game ticket. Children that require a seat will need a ticket. Ages 3 & under receive a free ticket. 

Children ages 6-12 are $11 or if they wear a youth league athletic uniform they will receive a free ticket. 


What is your Ticket Exchange/Refund Policy? 

All 2023 single game tickets may be exchanged for any game in 2023 of equal value if exchanged within 24 hours in advance of the game date you can not attend. 

Full Season Ticket Holders and Half Season Ticket Holders may exchange their unused tickets at any time throughout the season. Silver Slugger & 15 game plans are not season pland and must follow the single game ticket exchange policy.

Tickets or Vouchers from prior seasons are not eligible to be exchanged. 

Qualifying tickets must be exchanged in person at the Box office. 

The Blue Crabs do not offer Refunds on any ticket plans or single game tickets. 


When Will The Decision Be Made If A Game Is Rained Out?

Games will RARELY be postponed before the game’s original starting time. Atlantic League umpires and team personnel will determine whether to start the game from that point on.

ALL efforts will be made to play the game. Remember, weather can vary from mile to mile, just because it’s raining where you are, doesn’t mean it’s raining at the ballpark!


What If A Game Is Rained Out?

If fewer than 4 ½ innings (5 if home team trails) of the game is played, tickets may be exchanged at the stadium box office for a ticket of equal or lesser value for any other regular season game, based on availability. 


Where Is The Ballpark Located?

Regency Furniture Stadium is located in Waldorf – St. Charles just south of Billingsley Road, the new East/West highway connecting US Route 301 and MD Route 5. 

The street address is 11765 St. Linus Drive, Waldorf, MD 20602


What ammenities are there for children?

Regency Furniture Stadium features Pinch’s Playground down the first base line. Compete with various inflatables, jungle gyms and merry-go-rounds. The kids park is for children 10 & Under and $7 per child.The Kid's Park is CASHLESS however accepts all credit cards.

The Bumper Boats are for ALL AGES and are located in the outfiled. Bumper Boats are $3 per ride and accepts cash or ride tickets can be purchased from the Kid's Park cashier with credit card. 


How Much Is Parking For Games?

Parking for all Blue Crabs games at Regency Furniture Stadium is FREE in all stadium parking lots, and done on a first-come, first-served basis.

The parking lot is privately ran, therefore there overnight parking is not permitted. All violators will be towed. 


Who Owns Regency Furniture Stadium?

Regency Furniture Stadium is owned by Charles County, Maryland.


Who Owns The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs?

Crabs On Deck, LLC owns and operates the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs Professional Baseball Club.


What league do the Blue Crabs play in?

The Blue Crabs play in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, an ten-team league that was formed in 1998. Visit their website at


Can I Bring My Own Food And Drink Into The Ballpark?

Atlantic League rules prohibit any outside food or beverage in Regency Furniture Stadium. Bottled water is allowed. 


What is the Stadium Smoking Policy?

Regency Furniture Stadium IS A NON-SMOKING FACILITY for games and events at the ballpark. This includes but is not limited to cigarettes, vape devices, and e-cigarettes. Smoking areas are located outside of the ballpark, please keep your ticket for reentry during games.


What type of payments do the Blue Crabs accept at the ballpark? 

Regency Furniture Stadium is a CASHLESS facility. We accept all major credit cards. The Concession stands accept Apple Pay, however the box office and team store does not. 


Will I Be Able To Get Autographs?

Yes! We encourage our fans to ask players and coaches for autographs. However, there are some guidelines. Players are not allowed to sign autographs once the umpires have taken the field. We also ask that you be aware of your fellow fans when seeking autographs.

Every Sunday game at 1:05 p.m. the Blue Crabs players have a free autograph session at the front gates. Gates open at 1 p.m. on Sundays. 


Does Regency Furniture Stadium Sell Concessions Items?

A true “Taste of Southern Maryland” can be found at Regency Furniture Stadium. There are two main concession areas, one on either side of the concourse, featuring the MVP Grill, Gold Glove Grill, Hall of Fame Seafood, All-Star Pizzeria and Five’s Fare. There are also a variety of specialty stands and portables located throughout the park. The concession stands are Cashless, however they do accept all credit cards and apple pay. Come hungry and leave happy!


Are there Family restrooms available?

Yes! Regency Furniture Stadium offers a family restroom on the first base concourse and a mother’s nursing station on the third base concourse, both of which are handicapped accessible. Both facilities are also equipped with a baby-changing station and secure doors.


Is There A First Aid Station In The Ballpark?

The Charles Regional Medical Center First Aid Room, operated by Charles Regional Medical Center, is located on the first base concourse, next to The Crab Shack Team Store. 


May I Keep A Foul Ball Hit Into The Stands?

Yes! Fans are welcome to keep any ball thrown or hit into the stands. However, fans are not, under any circumstances, permitted to interfere with a ball that is in play. Violators are subject to ejection from the ballpark. Because bats and balls may enter the stands at any time, fans are reminded to stay alert at all times.


When Will Stadium Gates Open Before A Game?

Regency Furniture Stadium gates will open one (1) hour before the scheduled game time, unless otherwise noted.



Phone: 301-638-9788 | 11765 St.

Linus Drive Waldorf, MD 20602